Zack and Michael (#257) 29-03-13

I went stranger hunting on an unseasonably chilly morning, two blocks from my home in Florida. The sidewalk was crowded, and it was easy to tell locals from the Snowbirds visiting from 'up north'. The locals wisely wore long pants and long sleeved shirts. Visitors wore shorts. That simple.

Well, two young men walked my way, each wearing shorts, and carrying a skateboard. A very large skateboard I believe, but what do I know? Each man was well over 6 ft. And wore a straw hat. My friend Eric has informed me that folks wearing hats seem to be open to being photographed, so my confidence was up. When I approached them and explained my project, they both smiled and said sure, why not? Each of them seemed happy as a lark, without a care in the world. I photographed Michael first.

And then, Zack.

They are both visiting the area for a week while on spring break, from Milwaukee. I said that it was a shame that a cold front just passed, and the unseasonably cool weather (65 degree daytime highs) was forecast to last for several days. Michael said that I must be kidding. It was 30 degrees in Milwaukee, and the weather in Venice was heavenly.

It's all relative.