Jermain and Corissa (#259) 04-01-13

I spotted Jermain and Corissa about a block away. Both seemed relaxed playful, and enjoying each others company. They were looking into a restaurant window – I just hoped that they wouldn't duck inside. They didn't. But when I spoke, they seemed startled. I guess that they were totally absorbed by the menu that they were reading.

I always try to approach people openly and from their front, to avoid surprise. Well, Jermain and Corissa were surprised anyway. Nuts! Jermain was fairly solemn, but pleasant enough, and agreeable. He is from Trinidad, but had no discernible accent.

Corissa began smiling and giggled as I gave my spiel. Immediately the tongue came out. YEEESSS!!!

And then a couple of more traditional looks.

After photographing, I gave them my MOO card with the URL to this site, e-mail address, and Flickr photostream. I posted the tongue shot within a couple of days. Corissa promptly e-mailed me and asked for that file and a few others. She has done some modeling and wanted images for promotional materials. I was delighted, as so few people ever get back to me.