Jim and Cathy (#243) 03-14-13

I saw Jim and Cathy from a distance. They were walking briskly, and Jim had the appearance of a difficult demographic, for me. He wore a white shirt and tie, the typical garb of a businessman. I have had remarkably poor luck in getting businessmen to agree to be photographed. One obvious problem is that they are in a hurry, checking the cell phone, etc. But I also have an unsubstantiated theory: I think that when one dons business clothes, he/she is assuming a role, and the role does not include frivolous activities like being photographed. Very possibly, the same person wearing shorts and flip flops on the weekend would be a different story. Who knows.

Anyway, they popped into a Starbucks, and I approached them when they exited. They both seemed a bit amused and agreeable. There was only a few feet of shadow adjacent to Starbucks, so I got them to stand there.

Remarkably, the light was bright enough to make Jim squint, but Cathy had no problem. I thought that they were in the same spot, but I guess that a foot or two and the cap made a big difference.

I gave them my card, and Jim asked if I took pictures professionally. A family member was having a signature birthday, and they wanted some photos. But as an amateur I declined and, and wished them well.