Karina and Janet (#241) 03-12-13

On a sunny Saturday, a young lady was "manning" a fast food kiosk on the sidewalk of a main street. There were few pedestrians. A couple of blocks away, the street was crowded, with a myriad of potential customers. It's like realtors say, "location, location, location".

I introduced myself to Karina who had been examining her fingernails. When I explained my project and asked for a photograph, she agreed and seemed flattered. Immediately, a paying customer walked up. Maybe I'm good luck.

A few blocks away, on a different day, I saw Janet walking alone on an outdoor covered walkway. The light and Janet were beautiful, so I went into my spiel. Janet seemed VERY surprised, and I think a little flattered. And quite shy.

After I got a few shots, she asked what I would do with the images. I mentioned Flickr, and she was very familiar with it (I think that she was a little bit relieved). I gave her my MOO card with e-mail address, Flickr Photostream, and the URL of this site. Then I asked if she would like a copy of the image.