Mark (#240) 03-11-13

At my usual trip to the Saturday Farmer's Market, I saw Mark – a rugged looking fellow who was looking at some organic vegetables. I explained the project and he was agreeable. He did not ask much about it, and I didn't get a 'feel' if it really interested him or not. The light was very harsh, but at my request, he moved several feet into open shade, next to a vendor's booth.

He had been speaking with a young lady who held a baby. I asked her about a photograph, but she politely declined. I think I know why, and this segues into a lesson for me.

The main goal of this project is personal development in dealing with people that I haven't met before. People are always treated respectfully, hence the permission. But one of the additional ways of showing respect is recognizing people upon encountering them at a later time.

Within the past six months, I have twice fallen down on this. I met and photographed two women, and later encountered them, but did not recognize them. One is a professional hair stylist. Not surprisingly, her hair appearance changes dramatically from time to time. The other woman once wore a hat, once had a scarf over her hair, and once was uncovered, with curls bouncing in the breeze. Ideally, this would not faze me, as I should be able to recognize people by their eyes. But, not always so.

Now I have a further goal, to be more observant and mindful of those who I meet. I want to avoid this embarrassment in the future.