The Shy Guy (#214) 02-11-13

A saw Adam with two young lady friends, sitting on a bench in front of an ice cream store. One look at Adam’s hair and I was pretty sure that he would not mind being photographed.

(click to enlarge)

Anyone who dyes his hair an unnatural color is bound to be a bit outgoing, and open to a new experience. Like being photographed by a stranger. Adam and his two friends (subject of tomorrow’s post) are local high school students and seem very comfortable in their own skin. So Brina (next to Adam) either said, “Look like a cat” or, “Don’t look like a cat”. I don’t remember which, but in either case his face morphed into this:

      (click to enlarge)

I’m not sure that he looks like a cat. I’m not sure WHAT he looks like. Other than Adam. Forget the hair color; this is what I want to see! J  I went explained why I prefer black and white portraits to color in post #199. See it HERE.

Thank you, Adam, for being a cool guy and a good sport.