Brina and Bailey (#215) 02-12-13

Going back to yesterday’s post, Brina and Bailey are high school students who were sitting next to Adam. In fact, Brina is the one who egged Adam on to make his cat (?) face. It was quite breezy, and keeping hair out of the eyes was not easy.

     (click to enlarge)

Usually, hair in the eyes is considered unacceptable in portraiture. But I like the naturalness of the situation, and hey – that’s just the way that it was. She immediately assumed theatrical poses – not a shy person herself. My challenge was to get her in focus as she moved around.

Bailey, the youngest of the three, just seemed amused by the antics of her friends.

      (click to enlarge)

This is about as genuine a smile as I have seen.

Thank you, Brina and Bailey, for allowing me to photograph you, and for putting up with Adam. Just kidding, just kidding.  :-)