The Faces of Harmony (#213) 02-09-13

I was photographing with another photographer at a Farmer’s Market. This is uncommon, I usually work alone. We both saw a couple whose upper bodies were in open shade, but their lower bodies were in very deep shade. And in the shade was a pot bellied pig on a leash, being held by the lady. Of course, doesn’t everyone have a pot bellied pig on a leash?

But that is not the point here. Harmony had a killer smile and my friend Eric photographed her first. As he clicked away, I had my camera on burst mode and got six shots that all look essentially like this:

      (click to enlarge)

Then Harmony turned towards me, and I got seven shots like this.

     (click to enlarge)

But while she was turning her head toward me, I got this one (one!) shot.

     (click to enlarge)

For me, this is by far the most compelling image of the series.  Once again, burst mode saved the day. You just don’t know when a micro gesture might occur.

Oh yeah, the venue was far too crowded to move the pig into good light. He/she wasn’t that good looking anyway.

Have a nice weekend! Good luck to viewers in the northeastern U.S.