Panache (#212) 02-08-13

Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary defines Panache:

1. an ornamental tuft (as of feathers) especially on a helmet

2. dash or flamboyance in style or action

Well, this lady does not have a feather in her hat, but I do think that she has flamboyance in style.

     (click to enlarge)

I asked this lady for permission for a portrait well over a year ago. She was a bit flustered at first, and I did not get her name. She was loading the trunk of her car and had to take a few moments from her chores. For me, she represented (and still does) a difficult demographic to approach.

My approach to strangers has certainly changed in the interim, as does my processing of images. But looking back, I like the mood that this processing imparts, and may have to revisit it for some images in the future.