Victor and Sean (#230) 03-01-13

I walked on a street that I rarely frequent. Two young men were half a block ahead of me. They were not walking, but gesturing and 'kidding around'. As they seemed loose and in good cheer, I stopped them and expained my project. Both thought that it was funny, and were anxious to be included.

The light was fairly nice (quiet?) and the shoot went without a hitch. The first man was Victor.

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The second was Sean. Of course, I asked if it was spelled 'Shawn'. No, 'Sean'. The chance of me guessing the spelling correctly is precisely 0%. Given two choices, or God forbid three, I never choose the right one.

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So, I gave each one my Moo card, the business-like card with my e-mail address, Flickr Photostream, and the URL for this site. Sean looked at my picture on the front and insisted that it looked like Will Farrell.

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Then Victor looked at it and agreed - frankly, I don't see it. That certainly is not a bad thing. But one question: If I look like Will Farrell, how come I am not rich and famous?