Bob (#229) 02-28-13

Bob approached me on a sidewalk, and I was drawn to his hat, beard, and gait which was something between a swagger and shuffle. If that makes any sense. So when I stopped him and asked for the opportunity to make a portrait, he mumbled a bit and pointed to his beard. At least we agreed on that.

He told me his name; amazingly, after making hundreds of portraits of men, this Bob is only the second namesake who I have encountered. When I was young, Bob, John, Bill, Jim, and Mike probably comprised 50% of names. In the current young generation, they are Michael, Robert, Jonathan, James, and William. And these are fewer than 20% of names. This is the kind of dribble that runs through my mind, these days.

Anyway, this Bob allowed the portrait.

    (click to enlarge)

I showed him the image on the camera's LCD, and he liked it. He asked for a copy, and (darn it!) he had no e-mail address. Instead, he gave me the street address of Resurrection House, a facility for the homeless. Read about it HERE

I have sized the file to print 6X4, and will send one along.

Bob (THIS Bob)