The Gang of Four (#231) 03-02-13

I saw four young musicians setting up at s busy street corner. They had the New Age look (to me), with tattoos,etc. As entertainers, I figured that they would be very outgoing, and pleased to be photographed. I was mistaken.

As they worked, I explained my project. Two of them looked perplexed and not particularly happy about it. One seemed neutral, and only one was eager. Dillon was noncommital, but he allowed a few shots while he was working. I was very lucky to get this.

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Harmony and Brady were polite, but not too talkative.

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Only Tyler was really 'into it', and acted like a budding thesbian. That's Latin, for Ham. :-)

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I was with another photographer, and we left before the concert. That's what happens when you make a judgement about how people will feel about being photographed. Often, you're wrong.