Depth of Field in Street Portraiture (#228) 02-27-13

Wednesday again, a day to look at someone else's work. As I surf the web jumping from link to link, I find stuff and forget how I came across it. Today's post is no exception. The website is called "Light Stalking", and the article is "Depth of Field Strategies for Street Portraits." See it HERE. This is a quick and easy read.

I personally like a shallow depth of field, but just how shallow is a constant struggle.

Now, a little housekeeping: By the time that this is posted, I will have tested the above link. But a couple of times in the past, a link has worked, but become corrupted weeks later. I have no idea how. But if that should happen for this link, here is the URL.

If you copy and paste this into your browser, it should work just fine.