William and Joyce (#227) 02-26-12

An hour or so, after meeting Suzy, I saw William. Immediately I was drawn to his hat. He had a metal sculpture booth and was with a customer. I waited my turn but finally moved on, making a mental note of the location of that booth.

After lunch, I just 'happened' to pass by again, and William was alone. He was interested in the street portraiture concept and was totally supportive.

I asked him to move into his booth (tent), to get out of direct, harsh light. He suggested being in front of one of his metal sculptures. I liked the unusual leading lines here.

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Mrs. Goldman (Joyce), was happy to be photographed in nearly the same spot.

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Whether the leading lines work, or not, is debatable. But unfortunately, there is not enough context to show that this is William's work. William's website shows the breath of the work that he does. See it HERE. This quote from from his artist's statement reflects the talent to appreciate the subtleties of his craft. "In the creation of my sculptures, I generally do a good amount of cutting utilizing special techniques that often color the steel in a subtle rainbow, adding a warmth and beauty to the material. Many of my pieces combine both architectural and organic characteristics." This intrigues me.