Kirk Tuck – Why Take Photographs? (#216) 02-13-13

Another photographer Wednesday, here we go again. A few weeks ago, I pointed to the website of Kirk Tuck. I have found him to be philosophical, and quite insightful. See it HERE.

In a recent post, he reviewed an entry that he made in 2004, called “Why Take Photographs?” He then added recent commentary. Although not specifically about portrait photography, almost all of the content applies. See it HERE.

Specifically, Mr. Tuck compares today’s popular video and still photography. He finds more power in the latter. Here is a comment, “I've been doing video for a while and no matter how entrancing I've never had a memory for a scene of video.  When I think about a subject my brain conjures up a still image.  The moving footage doesn't resonate in the same way.  It has power, yes, but no stickiness.” Wow, I could not agree more.

Think about Steve McCurry’s Afghan Girl. See her HERE.

This image is baked into my brain forever. No video can be as clear or riveting, for me.