Connor (#475) 12-02-13

A young couple was having a snack al fresco. It was in an area where I had photographed previously and the light is always good. Si I introduced myself and explained the project. The woman seemed a bit surprised and reticent and will be tomorrow's stranger. The man shot up and stepped aside while I was talking.

I thought, “Darn! He's running away to avoid me.” But then he turned toward me and said, “Is here alright? How do you want me to pose?” Yeah, my kind of guy! Connor was born and raised in Sarasota. Recently he modeled for a friend, hence the willingness. The friend was an amateur and used a film camera (not that amateurs use film cameras).

After a few bursts of images, he approved of the images on the LCD. Good. Having modeled before, I felt just a teeny bit of pressure. :-)