Kaitlin (#476) 12-03-13

Yesterday's Stranger jumped up and got in position for a portrait. Kaitlin was far more reserved, but finally went along. As is often the case, if one stranger allows me to photograph, the other will go along. If the first one says no, well...

So after getting several shots, I showed Kaitlin the images, and she approved. I really lie the looking-up-white-under-the iris look. But not everyone does.

A couple of weeks age, Peter Hurley had a guest post on Scott Kelby's blog. Peter is a portrait guru who sells instructional DVDs for $300 (not to me). In this post, there is a 15 minute (free) embedded video in which he introduces 'squinching', as a powerful portrait pose. Squinching is a cross between squinting and pinching, in which the lower eyelid is raised. I think that my stranger #216 is squinching. See him HERE.

Then Hurley shows several portraits before squinching (bad) and after suinching (good). He condemns wide eyes with white showing below the iris, like Kaitlin. You pays your money and takes your choice. Anyway, I think that this is worth a look. See it HERE.

After all that, I asked Kaitlin if she did any modeling like her friend. She said, “No, but I probably ought to.”

I agree.