Matt (#474) 12-01-13

Another Saturday, another group of volunteers trying to get signatures on two petitions. One was (is) an environmental initiative, and the other is to legalize medical marijuana use. I had photographed a couple of these folks in the past, and figured that I'd give it a rest.

Until I saw Matt. I have been hesitant to photograph people with backlighting. I love the look, but I have had some very dark faces in the past. Matt's hair just lit up, and a building behind me reflected some light back into Matt's face. He immediately liked the idea of the project. But I had to wait for a break in the action, as he continually approached people for the petition. When I got a few shots off, he was satisfied with the result.

Matt has lived in Sarasota for six years, but was born in Australia. I said, “You have no accent!” Matt replied, “After a few drinks in a bar, it comes out” (laughs).