Nanduh (#462) 11-17-13

A Chalk Festival. I feel that Southwest Florida is the epicenter of outdoor cultural activities. But, of course, I am too narrow minded to take it all in – there are just so many Strangers around. And along came Nanduh and Jen. Both carried Nikons. I'll introduce Nanduh now, Jen tomorrow.

Of course the name interested me. I said, “N-a-n-d-a?” He said “No, N-a-n-d-a-h.” Ah, the H. I gritted my teeth and thought “Don't forget that. Don't forget that”, until I had a chance to write it down in my Moleskine journal. Whew!

I asked where he was from – Sarasota, but he moved here within the past year. I asked where from, thinking that I might get a clue about the name. Ohio. Rats! So I just told him that his name was interesting. Nanduh quickly ran through some eclectic ancestry, quickly enough that I forget most of it. But his parents are Russian and Brazilian – that itself is rather unique. I again addressed him by name, and he said “You remembered!” It had only been a minute. Jeez, give me a break. Ten minutes later might have been a different story.

Nanduh is getting into professional photography, having a background in design. As we were about to part, he said “OK, you're Bob, right? B-o-b.” I said, “No, you've got it backwards. It's b-o-B.” He smiled in a way that I already recognized as characteristic. Nanduh has a keen, dry sense of humor, and he smiles with his eyes more than his mouth. I think that the image captures that.