Mary Lou (#461) 11-16-13

While strolling through the St. Armand's Art Festival, I saw a woman across the street working outside of a store. I mistakenly thought that she worked there. I crossed and approached her. Mary Lou Johnson is a photographer, and proud of her Nikon D800. She was setting up a table to sell her new photography book, “The Lure of Longboat Key”. Mary Lou has a current exhibit at the Longboat Key Tennis Club, and does professional portraiture. Her website is HERE.

She was quite interested in the 100 Strangers concept, and took my MOO card. In a previous segment of her life, Mary Lou was a psychology councilor and was interested in the process of approaching strangers.

Mary Lou went to high school in Tampa, about 50 miles away. She and her husband spent their honeymoon on Longboat Key, and were able to realize the dream of living there 10 years ago.