Jen (#463) 11-18-13

With yesterday’s stranger, Nanduh, was Jen. She was the more talkative of the two. As soon as I asked a ‘favor’ for a portrait. She said, “Oh. I do that too.” Really? She was unfamiliar with the 100 Strangers group, but she does have a Flickr account. Jen used to belong to Dimage, a local camera club, but her membership had lapsed. I tried to talk her into re-joining – we’ll see.

Jen has done some photography for hire, but has a ‘day job’ and considers herself an amateur. She would like to change that. Before we parted, she asked me to stand still for a few shots. I did, while her Nikon D7000 clicked away. At the same time, Nanduh did the same, but with on camera flash.

I asked what the best thing was that had happened to her that day. She said, “Waking up! Waking up before 10AM and feeling good.” I often get a variation of this response. She took my MOO card, and I suspect that we will cross paths again. As I walked away, I saw her approach two police officers, and was getting their portraits. Jen is for real.