Andrea (#460) 11-15-13

Andrea caught my eye because of her stylish flowing clothing, and..., well, you can see. She was walking among booths at an outdoor exhibit area, and I had to maneuver a bit to 'meet' her in an area of decent light.

She was quite receptive to being photographed. I was in luck; Andrea was a 4th year student at the nearby Ringling School of Art. I feel that anyone involved with any type of art is sympathetic to someone trying to create something. Anything. Artists understand that creating something is not easy. She studies illustration. Andrea is from New Jersey, but her boyfriend lives about 10 miles away. She will probably seek employment in this area.

After a few shots, I thought that the light would be better about 50 feet away. Andrea was eager to move. Ironically, I would up liking the first shot (in the first location) best. I just found the facial gesture most compelling.