Fred and Juan (#459) 11-14-13

The following is a common refrain for me. I saw a man with a cool hound’s tooth-type hat. I definitely wanted to meet him, but he was in animated conversation with three other men. I patiently waited my turn. And waited. Finally I gave up and moved on.

About two hours later, there he was, headed my way with a young man. I hate to sound like some kind of a mystic, but it really seems that luck brings strangers to me. Like some large invisible hand of fate gently guides a stranger in my direction. And when this happens, I believe that it is my duty to make contact, and try to get a portrait. To pass up the opportunity would be an insult to the guiding hand of fate. Not a good idea.

So I met Fred, and told him that he looked cool in that hat (actually, UNDER that hat). Then I explained that I had seen him earlier – the whole spiel. Fred seemed interested, and I think a little flattered. He has lived in Sarasota from 1994, and was in Bradenton before that.

With Fred was Juan. He also had no reservation about being photographed. I told them that I lived in Venice, Juan said, “Oh, I graduated from Venice High School.” I told him that I too, had graduated from VHS, although not in the same year. Or same decade. Barely in the same half century.

Both seemed interested in the 100 Strangers project, and took my MOO card.