Thomas and Cathy (#192) 17-01-13

The good news: I had found an area of nice light.

The bad news: No people.

I don’t know who first said this, but I used the philosophy, “Build the stage and the players will come”. So I just loitered around, pretending to look into store windows. Finally, a couple crossed the street and headed my way. And when they got close, I just “happened” to walk their way, stopped them, and asked a favor. My usual favor. At first, Thomas was skeptical and asked what the pictures were for. When I described the project and showed him images on my phone, both he and Cathy opened up and were enthusiastic about being photographed. Curiously (to me) they had no interest in seeing their images on flickr.

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Thomas and Cathy live in Orlando, about 120 miles away. Cathy’s parents live nearby, so they have mini vacations in Sarasota fairly frequently.