Hannah (#193) 18-01-13

I met Hannah with two of her friends while they were sitting at an outdoor table (I’ll discuss the friends tomorrow). After a few vertical, non-smiling images, I showed her the images on the back of the camera. She was not a happy camper. So she brushed her hair to one side, ala the movie star, gave a huge smile, and I got some horizontals. These she liked much better. To me, of course, the non smiling ones seem more authentic.

      (click to enlarge)

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I’ve mentioned the Fred Miranda people forum before, as it is a great place to get feedback on portraiture questions. The forum is HERE.  So, I posted both of Hannah’s images and asked for opinions. Responses are listed below:

1. Beautiful woman. Of the two I prefer the horizontal mostly for the smile and wrinkles in the corners of her eyes. It comes across as a very relaxed and genuine emotion. Excellent work.

2. Ivote the horizontal portrait also.

3. I think I agree with you. I like the vertical one abit more. Both are really good though.

4. 1 (horizontal) for the win...what a beautiful smile (I’m not sure what “win” means)

5. My vote actually counts as 10, because I am me!  (One in every crowd)

6. Horizontal for me. She's stunning

7. Horizontal.

8. Dein, with only one example of each, I can't generalize about which is better- those of her smiling, or those of her not smiling. But of these two, I prefer the horizontal.

And yet... her smile looks a little forced to me. Considering the off-the-shoulder look, I suspect Hannah was trying to be a model. Smiling for a camera is a tough way to give a natural smile. As you know, I prefer the more natural smiles. Just $.02

9. Beautiful girl, love her smile and her freckles! I wish the lighting were a little more directional. (I’ll comment on the directional light tomorrow)

10. These pictures are very well taken. Considering the bnw, they have great light

11. Love all your head shots...Dean I like the horizontal one, beautiful girl.

12. Like someone mentioned about the freckles, I think it would have looked better in color.

So, the verdict is the smiley one. Just shows that I’m a bit out of touch, being hung up on authentic expressions. But that doesn’t mean that I’m going to change! J