Validation (#191) 16-01-13

It’s Wednesday, time for something-other-than-one-of-my images. So here is a video that is peripherally germane to street portraiture.

When I ask permission to photograph someone, the ensuing interaction may take one of these three forms:

1. The person refuses (surprisingly seldom).

2. The person allows the photograph, but is not really engaged with the spirit of the project.

3. The person not only allows the photograph, but clearly gets some enjoyment from the interaction.

These are the fun ones. Those who align themselves with the concept of Karma can envision enjoyment then being passed on to others, and the world being a better place. OK, that’s pretty heady, but it is a nice thought.

Here is a Youtube video that explores this concept. It is a fun, lighthearted feel-good story that lasts for about 15 minutes – you might want to grab a cup of coffee.