Earl & Cricket (#100) 9-28-12

This is a day of reflection for me. Blog post #100! Time flies.

Again in Anchorage, I saw a woman in a rather unconventional wheelchair and a rugged looking man standing behind her. I was not in a perfect state of consciousness for meeting people, so I figured that I would just pass them by with a nod. When suddenly the woman said, “Hey mister, nice camera!”. Well, I guessed that God was telling me to get to work, so I did.

Her name was Cricket. Just Cricket. Alaskans seem to have interesting names. She said that she broke her knee two days earlier. I’m not sure exactly what breaking your knee means, but she did not seem to be in any distress. Her right leg was propped up fairly straight in this ersatz wheelchair. Cricket’s friend was Earl, and both of them were intrigued that I was from Florida – a long way away. Earl had been in Tampa once, so he knew the lay of the land.

Earl was anxious to be photographed; Cricket was a bit reluctant, but ultimately complied.

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All of the shots of Earl show him with closed lips, although while speaking he smiled a lot. He was dentally challenged, and I guess that he was a bit sensitive about it.

Now, on to #200!