Kim (#99) 9-27-12

Walking through Anchorage, I saw Kim in front of a store with a dog (Cooper) on a leash. She wore rugged, outdoorsman-like clothing including boots. She just LOOKED like an Alaskan. Body language suggested to me that she was waiting for someone inside, and I passed her by. Later I saw them in a small grassy area, and felt that fate was on my side. It seemed as if she was there just to be photographed. So I introduced myself, and explained that I would like to photograph her. She was younger than I thought. Kim was a bit shy and seemed surprised that I chose her, but she agreed.

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Born in the Pacific Northwest (I forget which state) she had moved to Alaska 10 years ago. And she LOVES it. So did Cooper. I like the facial gesture in this shot. Cooper kept looking at me, daring me to photograph him, but each time I tried, he moved just a little. Hence, no sharp shot.

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I have read several times that if you are patient, the photograph sometimes comes to you. So it seems. When I first saw Kim, the time and place didn’t seem right. But later, there she was, as if she was waiting for me.