Phil & Jorge (#73) 8-27-12

I saw Phil and Jorge standing and chatting, in front of a bank. They appeared to be joking. When I approached them, I looked at each of them, in the eyes, as I explained that I like to meet strangers and photograph them. I could see wariness in Jorge’s face. But Phil said, “Well, you already met me, so click away”. I did. Then I turned to Jorge who looked a Phil for a second and sheepishly said OK. I have noticed this before; if there are two people, usually one dominates, and both either say yes or no. Seldom is there a “split decision” so to speak.

I had barely gotten a few clicks of Phil when a security guard appeared out of nowhere and asked what I was photographing. Oh yeah, this was a bank, where security guards abound. I explained what I was doing, and after several seconds he said OK, and moved on.

  Phil (click to enlarge)

Jorge (click to enlarge)

A little while later I was patrolling a different area, and saw Jorge and Phil there. The three of us laughed and agreed that this particular block was more friendly.