Tony (#74) 8-28-12

I saw Tony sitting on a park bench next to a full duffle bag – usually the sign of homelessness. I introduced myself and popped the question; he shrugged and said to go ahead. After a quick burst of shots I asked if he wanted a print. He said no, that he was homeless, and had no use for a print. Later, I was a bit remorseful that I had not spent more time with Tony.

     (click to enlarge)

The next day, when I saw this image on the monitor, I was a bit blown away by the hollow expression of hopelessness. I never recognized this exact expression in person. This is the reason that still images can be more powerful than video, for me.

I went back to the location five days later, and found Tony. He was pleasantly surprised when I addressed him by name. We talked about where he sleeps, eats, and can get out of inclement weather. This is in Tampa, FL. The homeless here are well aware that they will be displaced prior to the Republican National Convention.