James (#71) 8-24-12

Walking on a main street at 10AM, I saw James sitting at a table of an outdoor cafe. I was immediately attracted to the dreadlocks, so I asked the question and gave him my MOO card. He said fine, but was rather quiet. He is a student at the Ringling College of Art and Design, in Sarasota. I told him that my Stranger #11 is a professor at that school; James knows her. He is originally from Miami, but greatly prefers Sarasota, and hopes to get a job there after he graduates.

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James is my forth Stranger named James, and I've had four named Carl. Funny how that works.

FYI, MOO is a company that, among other things, produces business-like cards. See MOO HERE. A photo of yours goes on the front, with text on the back. Here’s the thing: if you order 100 cards, you can have the same photo on all 100. Or you can have two different photos on each of 50 cards. Or, you can have 100 photos on one card each. Not cheap, but very versatile. I use two different images. Here is one:

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