Matthew (#70) 8-23-12

Last winter I attended “Thunder by the Bay”, a motorcycle rally. I photographed LOTS of interesting people, but only three for the 100 Strangers flickr group. The venue was difficult in which to establish relationships - everyone was on the move, and the noise was intermittently deafening (the event was aptly named).

Bikes were angled closely along the curb of a major street, which was closed. Matthew sat on the curb in a gap between bikes. His proximity to the closest motorcycle suggested that it was his, but his body language just didn't fit. Between his legs on the curb was a brown paper bag, which I believe contained an adult beverage. I asked him if it was his bike and he rather sheepishly said "no". He lives locally and was very cooperative when I explained the 100 Strangers group. The first few shots were sans cigarette and he gladly took a drag when I asked him to.

     (click to enlarge)

The light was magnificent throughout much of the street, the way that it should always be :-).