Biker John (#33) 7-9-12

Walking along an outlet mall, one side of the street was in VERY bright sunlight, and off limits for photography. I stood on the shady side (of course), and watched for strangers. A Harley slowed down – I LOVE photographing bikers – they look special and know it. Darn, it pulled up to the curb on the sunny side. But wait, he walked across the street toward me! Thank you, Lord. He had the biker look and had no reservations about being photographed. We shook hands, and I thought that he said his name was Shawn.

After several quick shots, I asked if his name was spelled S-h-a-w-n, or S-e-a-n. He was still for a very long few seconds, and then his eyes narrowed as if I were from Mars. Finally, he said J-o-h-n, John. I nervously laughed and said, “Oh, John, I’ve heard of that!” As we parted, he laughed WITH me.

I think.