Smiling Emily (#34) 7-11-12

Soon after photographing Biker John (#33), I saw two young ladies approaching. When I explained my intention, they got giggly, and seemed a bit embarrassed. As usual, I asked them to just be themselves, not to pose for the camera and whatever else, not to “say cheese”. I accompany this with my own gesture of sliding my hand down my face, and as it leaves my chin, all expression is gone; I wiped it away.

Well, some people respond as I hope and some don’t – especially those of the female persuasion. Some women just figure that they look prettier smiling, so that’s what they do whether I like it or not. But others are genuinely amused by the situation and can’t stop grinning, or even laughing. I think that Emily fit into the latter category.

But, how can I complain about a face like that? Beautiful!