Vendor (#32) 7-8-12

OK, here’s another vendor image.  Barbara was shopping for some photo album pages in a stationary store on Broughton St., Savannah. This store had almost everything! So as this young man approached us and asked if he could help, I said that a matter of fact, there was. He was a tad befuddled by my request to photograph him, but quickly got over it and gave me 10 seconds (all I could hope for under the circumstances).

    (click to enlarge)

I had the ISO cranked up to 800 for the low indoor light. Also, I had the 85mm f1.8 lens, which was a little bit long for the space available. I had to back up a bit and barely got his face into the frame. Now, if I expect to photograph someone in close quarters, I go to the 50mm, or even 35mm, lens so that I can get closer.

 And at ISO 800, the shutter speed was still only 1/30 sec., and I was VERY lucky to get a fairly sharp shot. The image was exposed well, so noise was not a big problem. At ISO 800, any underexposure leads to a noisy image with the Nikon D90.