Veronica (#41) 7-20-12

Walking down Cherry St. in Macon, GA, I saw an African American woman in very colorful garb. As I approached, I thought that it was African clothing. I introduced myself and asked the usual question; she said, “Oh no. but she will allow it” as she pointed to a white woman sitting with a younger black man.

So, I asked her, and she was fine with it. Her name is Veronica, and her religious mission is to help the homeless and downtrodden of Macon. She and her husband had lived about 100 miles away, but after he died, she heard a calling to tend a flock in Macon. She explained each church that provided meals, what times of the days hot meals were available, and where the homeless could shower and sleep.

Mills, sitting next to Veronica, said that the homeless were able to eat fairly well, but that shelter was hard to come by. During a recent heat wave, several churches kept their doors open at night.

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Finally, Veronica explained her religious theories that explained the politics of the situation, with several references to the Devil and Demonic actions. This was a bit much for me to take in, but there is no question that besides talking the talk, Veronica walks the walk. Every day.

I took about 20 shots and didn’t feel good about any of them. Finally, the LAST shot captured the expression that makes me feel like I did in her presence: one of kindness, compassion, and street wisdom.