Erwin (#42) 7-22-12

I saw Erwin sitting on a low wall in Tampa, FL. Normally he would be sitting on a bench, but all benches have been removed from the downtown area in preparation for the Republican National Convention. It would not be convenient for TV viewers to see homeless people.

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Erwin was not at all bitter, but quite philosophical, in fact. Besides being very friendly, he was quite well spoken. He spends a lot of time in the nearby public library.

Erwin is 73. Several years ago, he worked in the Atlanta area and got a traffic ticket - a misdemeanor.  He paid a fine and began doing some court-ordered community service. But his employer transferred him to Charlotte, North Carolina, and he did not complete the community service. The original offense, then, became a felony. His Social Security was terminated without warning. Erwin, then, is "between" homes. He is philosophical about that too. He has an attorney working on his case, Pro Bono.

Good luck Erwin, I really am pulling for you.