Rachel (#35) 7-12-12

Rachel was at Emilie’s (#34) side, thus I photographed them within a minute of each other.  Post #33 and tomorrow’s post were photographed on the same day. Sometimes things DO go right.

Now, in contrast to Emilie’s very natural, almost laughing smile, Rachel seems a bit more posed.  The smile is subtle, but her eyes aren’t connected to her mouth as are Emilie’s.

With a “say cheese” smile, or genuine broad smile, the facial muscles are contracted. A fleeting thought or change in emotion can result in mild, local muscle contractions that are expressed by visible facial gestures. When facial muscles are contracted and tight, this cannot happen. With a slight, relaxed smile, facial muscles are ready to reflect such changes in thought. Thus, Rachel’s smile is not what I was seeking, but it is a good starting point.