Dave (#36) 7-13-12

Dave was sitting on a bench at the Outlet Mall doing the same thing I was, waiting for the wife to finish shopping in the same store.  His wife bought nothing and Barbara spent about $5, not bad over all. When I approached Dave about photographing him, he wanted to know what I planned to do with the images. Fair enough. So I showed him my flickr stream on the trusty Android phone. This has been very helpful. Somehow, seeing decent images (not in any way embarrassing), seems to add to my credibility.

Once in Clearwater, I approached a couple who were primarily French speaking – I did not know until I asked THE QUESTION. They smiled and shrugged with a quizzical look. I showed them images on the phone and they immediately said OK.

An iPad may be in my future because of this. Plus, I am toying with the idea of asking for digital model releases. This will take some courage.