Kyle and Marguerite (#130) 11-5-12

I was with another photographer on a Saturday morning. He was “taking notes” about how to approach Strangers. It was productive, with 10 Strangers “in the bag”, to use a fishing metaphor. Although we were finished and walking toward the car, a young couple was headed in our direction, and I couldn’t resist obtaining their portraits.

I have noticed some psychological aspects in myself.

1. When with another photographer, I become more aggressive in approaching portrait prospects. It is as if I am showing off. I don’t mean to, but that’s how it works out.

2. After a successful outing, again, I become more assertive. Even after 1 ½ years of doing this, confidence is fragile I guess, and success begets success.

In any event, we stopped Kyle and Marguerite and explained our project, and made the request. Halfway through my “speech”, small smiles crept over their faces, and I could tell that they were buying in.

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Some days, “Life is Good”!