Bambi (#129) 11-03-12

Our local Farmer’s Market was buffeted by winds in excess of 30mph due to Hurricane Sandy. She wasn’t all that close, but she produced blustery conditions nevertheless. I saw a lady, short of stature, with a glorious head of hair. It reached down to her waist and the wind was having fun with it.

Lighting conditions were precarious due to bright sunlight, so I maneuvered to meet her near shadow. Not so easy. She kept meeting people and turning toward kiosks to shop. Finally she headed my way, and I moved to meet her in shadow. I explained my intention and she said OK, but she did not seem thrilled. Her name was Bambi. Still is, I suppose!

She said that she first had to get a piece of grit from her contact lens. She momentarily removed her sunglasses and worked on one eye. When she turned back toward me, I asked her to remove the sunglasses, as I like to photograph people’s eyes. Bambi said that her one eye hurt, and the sunglasses had to stay on.

     (click to enlarge)

I usually avoid this kind of image, but I certainly understand her problem. I thanked her and she left abruptly, with a hand over one eye. One more casualty of Hurricane Sandy.