Ten Minutes in Macon (#147) 11-24-12

Traveling down Cherry Street in Macon, GA, the sidewalks were well populated by the homeless. As I approached them, almost without fail they were curious about being photographed, easily convinced, and not interested in too much additional chit chat. In my limited experience, this is unusual. The homeless characteristically have time on their hands and enjoy the attention that conversation provides. Not so much on this day. No problem. I just went from person to person, doing my “job”.

Larry was perhaps the most reticent about being photographed. He declined removing his glasses, as if that would somehow remove a protective layer. So I have to be grateful that he allowed me at all.

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Clifford was totally matter of fact about it. I did my thing, shook his hand and thanked him for his time.

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Joe was very outgoing and a bit theatrical. A brown bag at his side and my nose suggested that he was feeling no pain.

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Thanks, Macon, for providing the opportunity for a visitor to meet numerous interesting people in a short period of time.