John (#148) 11-26-12

I was at the waterfront in downtown Sarasota in the morning.  An eatery has an adjacent Tiki Bar, and a man and woman were at one of the picnic tables. The light looked nice, so I made my move.

John was totally amenable, but the polite lady was not interested in being photographed. At all. Oh well, one out of two is not too bad. John had a distinctly British accent, so I commented that he did not sound local. John complemented me on my astuteness, and said that he was indeed from the UK, and has been over much of the planet. Now, he is living on a sailboat, moored adjacent to the restaurant. He handed me a business-like card and told me to check his website. I did. It is a Yahoo address, but did not work. I did, however, find his Facebook page. It has a lengthy and interesting biography, and can be seen HERE.

     (click to enlarge)

I thanked John, and gave him my MOO card, with this site, my flickr Photostream, and e-mail. I hope that he sees this – I like the image.