Ilkin (#139) 11-15-12

My town of Venice, FL, had an art festival last weekend. Venice Avenue, the main drag, was totally closed to cars, and filled with vendor booths. This is three blocks from my house, and the Weatherman promised two days of perfection.

So, on the first day I found a couple of Strangers, and saw one interesting looking fellow with flowing curly hair. He just had the “artist look”, although he was in the road and not by a display. I waited my turn while he spoke with someone. And waited. I finally gave up in mild frustration.

Well the next day, there he was again, sitting on a director’s chair with a woman (wife?) adjacent to an art kiosk. I introduced myself and explained the project to Ilkin Deniz, who is from Turkey. He agreed; the lady declined.


      (click to enlarge)

I very much like his artwork. See it HERE.  I feel that there is similarity with his paintings and my photographs. Mine are black and white of people, his are in vivid color with no people. But in both cases, the compositions are very simple. There is NO question what the subject is. Sometimes images are very pretty, but so cluttered with stuff that the viewer has a hard time trying to figure out what she is supposed to look at.

At least, that's my view.