Craig (#140) 11-16-12

Sarasota FL, is a quite artsy community, there always seems to be something going on. So last Monday, I visited the annual Chalk Festival. One street was totally closed off to cars, and the artwork took up about 80% of it. A thin stream of onlookers was able to squeeze by on each side. Many had cameras to record the AMAZING art, and I had a camera for another purpose.

I don’t think of myself as a stalker, but I guess that I am, in a way. I saw a tall guy with a head of curly hair – somehow he just had a European air about him. Maybe Italian. But we’re not supposed to presume anything about Strangers. Of course, being human, we do. Anyway, I positioned myself where I thought he would pass. And, he did.

When he got close, I approached him and asked for a favor and explained 100 Strangers. No problem, he was all for it. Oh yeah, he had a Canon DSLR attached to his wrist. Craig was from Vancouver, so much for my presumption. I was a bit surprised that he was unfamiliar with David duChemin, a professional photographer and prolific writer from Vancouver. Craig is an artist, but not of the chalk genre. He is a Sand Sculpture artist; a sand sculpting competition was scheduled for the following weekend, and Craig arrived early to practice. Like I said, Sarasota is an artsy place.

      (click to enlarge)

Vancouver is by some, called the China of the West. Of course, there could be a couple of Italians there. :-)