Pete Zelewski Interview (#109) 10-10-12

London based photographer, Pete Zelewski, has a personal project, People of Soho. I was not sure of the derivation of “Soho”, so here it is in Wikipedia:

Soho is an area of the City of Westminster and part of the West End of London. Long established as an entertainment district, for much of the 20th century Soho had a reputation for sex shops as well as night life and film industry. Since the early 1980s, the area has undergone considerable transformation. It now is predominantly a fashionable district of upmarket restaurants and media offices, with only a small remnant of sex industry venues.

Pete is an entertaining and enlightening man to read and follow. I have a lot to learn from him. Take a look at his project on flickr HERE.  

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Pete is not a member of the 100 Strangers flickr group (a page on my site). However, a 100 Strangers member contacted him and asked if he would allow himself to be interviewed. Of course, he complied. This link is to a string containing many short posts. Scroll down to one long entry by Al Fed, which is the interview. You can’t miss it.

People of SOHO interview HERE.