Marian (#110) 10-11-12

While sitting at a table outside a coffee shop, an elderly lady struggled with a cane, as she slowly passed by. She looked toward me, smiled, and commented on the oppressive heat. I offered a chair at the table and she accepted – clearly she was ready for a rest. I asked if she wanted coffee, but she said that it was WAAYYY to hot for coffee, but she would like some ice tea. So I popped into the shop for a moment and got her a glass.

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She needed to talk. Marian (she was adamant that Marian was with an “a”, not an “o”) had fallen a few months earlier and spent several weeks in an assisted living facility, getting rehabilitation. She liked the facility, but could not afford it for permanent residence. So, she stayed in her nearby condominium. I had to wonder if she was OK staying by herself. Both she and her late husband were musicians in Ohio. It turned out that he passed away only two weeks ago. No wonder she had to talk – to somebody!

I offered to drive her home, but she said that it was only a couple of blocks away (true), and that she could walk there just fine (not so sure). I got her address and sent her a copy of this image.