Marlo and Paul (#108) 10-9-12

Shortly after photographing Asha (#07), I approached Marlo. I was attracted to her hair and told her so. When I said that I’d like to photograph her, she seemed surprised, but genuinely pleased. She was a graduate of Manatee High School and excited that it will probably make the state football championship game. The challenge was finding appropriate light. We were in the shade of some trees, but the light was dappled, some small bright spots of sunlight fell on her face. Fortunately, she was patient enough to move around a bit to find total shade.

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Shortly thereafter, I saw Paul, in a scooter used by people who cannot ambulate. In the past I lacked sufficient confidence to approach people with physical problems. This project has helped me get over my fear, especially after meeting Charlie (# 91). So when I explained my project to Paul, he had absolutely no reservations about being photographed.

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Later, he e-mailed me, asking for a copy.