Asha (#107) 10-8-12

While walking through my favorite Farmer’s market, I saw a very pretty young lady with a dog, quite a bit ahead of me. I almost ran to get in a favorable position, before she headed in another direction. When I introduced myself, and the project, she beamed and looked down a bit, seeming both flattered and shy. Buy she said OK, just as another couple with a dog approached. The two dogs did what dogs do, and she was temporarily occupied by canine culture. Both dogs were well mannered.

When we were alone again, she said that her name was Asha. I mistook it for Marsha, partly due to my old ears, but partly due to her delightful accent. She said that it was Polish – I never would have guessed that. The dog’s name was Nash (pronounced Nah - sh). She has lived in Sarasota for six years; I assume that she was in Europe before that.

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After a few clicks of the camera she seemed ready to leave, as I think that she was a bit uncomfortable. But from a distance, she paused long enough for me to get a few shots of both of them.

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