Dave and Joe (#128) 11-02-12

While walking with another photographer, we approached Dave, who was sitting on the sidewalk, his back against a storefront. And he held a cardboard sign, “Homeless Veteran”.  He called out, “Wanna take some pictures of two homeless veterans?” Joe was standing next to Dave, but said little. Dave was the spokesman. So we said sure, but chatted for a while first.

Dave had been in the Air Force and has been unable to find work since his discharge. I commented that he was clean shaven, and he said that he got to shave at his girlfriend’s place.

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Normally, I prefer to have people look at the camera, but Dave had a mind of his own and was not easy to direct. He wanted a print sent to his address at Resurrection House, a resource center for the homeless. There is no lodging, but the center provides mail facilities, showers, washing machines, etc. See it HERE. So, I did send a print. And, of course, he asked for a little financial help.

His friend Joe had been a Marine. During a handshake, Joe’s grip nearly dropped me to my knees, so I do not doubt it. He was more taciturn, and also wanted a print.

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Good luck, Dave and Joe.